Art is found in the mind and produced with our hands




Gabriel is a Colombian-British artist.

Tobóns work explores the inner soul and the internal portrait that is hidden behind an external often posed and edited facade, masking the true self concealing the inner and most vulnerable aspects of our real personalities, The artist exposes the truth by looking through the eyes that are known to be the windows to the soul. 

He utilises his past experience as a spiritual counsellor working with people from all walks of life in Columbia the USA, Asia and Europe, his calm personality puts others at ease providing an environment of trust allowing the artist to capture the honesty and vulnerabilities of his sitters.presenting us with portraits of the soul.

The artist works with self made tools using coloured inks inspired by the Japanese traditions of calligraphy, with slow and fast movements visible within each piece.


Tobón currently resides in Germany where he continues to create exciting new work.

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